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Daniel Craig didn’t like Billie Eilish’s song for ‘No Time to Die’

Daniel Craig didn’t like the theme song No Time To Die by Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell at the beginning. According to one of the producers of the song, which premiered a few months ago when the launch of the new film of James bond, the brothers developed the song for three days on the singer’s tour, passing it on to the film’s music producer and composer Hans zimmer -that today he told us more about his work- so that I could give him the final arrangements. Despite his initial rejection, then I understood what was behind the theme that will end his stage as a secret agent in the cinema.

On the conception of the main theme of No time to die

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and starring Rami Malek as the villain Safin and Ana de Armas like Paloma, No time to die marks Craig’s latest adventure as 007 on the big screen. The actor has emotionally said goodbye to the character, he did not have a good start with the main theme that accompanies the latest James Bond film. As commented British music producer Stephen Lipson, who worked with Finneas and Eilish on the, the lead actor was not satisfied with the song. It was only after Lipson played it live for Craig in an intimate way that the performer realized what was behind the lyrics.

James Bond Daniel Craig

I asked Finneas and Billie to give me a climactic and climactic vocal theme., and although she wasn’t quite sure, I knew they were going to make it. But we had to get Daniel’s approval. So we finished the mix, we were happy happy, but we had to get Daniel to listen to it and approve it. But I wasn’t sure it was the right emotional climax for his last film as Bond. “He admits. After that moment of disappointment, the producer invited the actor into the studio and introduced the song to him in a different way.

He didn’t like it at first. I decided to take him to the study and have him listen to her. I ended up in love

I sat Daniel in the recording studio chair, I put it between the speakers, hit play and waited for his answer. When he finished the song, he did not look up, but asked to hear it one more time. Barbara Broccoli and I had no idea how she felt until the end of her second listen, when she looked at me and said something like: ‘That’s fucking unbelievable ‘. As soon as I approved it, the wheels were on and the news that Billie Eilish was doing the Bond theme song appeared everywhere, “he concluded. However, the song or the subject of a movie’s credit titles James Bond is something vital in the saga since in 1964 the saga premiered the legendary intro song of Goldfinger in charge of Shirley bassey. Not everyone is willing to accept the assignment. The classic theme of Nancy sinatra for You Only Live Twice it was originally offered to his father, Frank Sinatra, who declined the opportunity. In any case, a theme for Bond is synonymous with category and Oscars, as we have seen in the case of Sam smith with The writing’s on the wall or Adele with his Skyfall. No time to die opens in theaters this weekend. The first reviews are promising, to the point that it seems to be a box office success.

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