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Chris Hemsworth, hypermotivated to train on Sunday

  • Chris Hemsworth share with his followers a Sunday morning with motivating exercise after having been out for a bit of partying.
  • The Australian publishes a video with his words of encouragement, but also with the example of how he has sweated to comply with his daily routine of physical work.
  • ‘Tyler Rake 2’ confirmed, and with Chris Hemsworth

    How many times have you woken up on Sunday after a weekend of partying and the prospect of training seemed impossible? You are not the only one. In fact, the actor Chris Hemsworth has shared the same situation on their social networks, although with a hypermotivating attitude to work the body to the fullest when the sofa increases its traction capacity. The secret? “Moving already makes you motivated,” says the actor from Thor and Tyler rake.

    The Australian Chris Hemsworth, who forms with the Spanish Elsa Pataky one of the most fit actor couples, revealed on his Instagram account that the day before he had been having a few drinks and partying, but that I didn’t want to miss training Sunday. So he posted a video that not only showed how he was self-motivated but also his results in the garden at home with his various exercises.

    Do you lack motivation? Move on. You do not feel good? Break a sweat!“The actor advised his followers as the main recipe. Afterwards, he began to make push weight, to do clap push-ups, to work with the dumbbells and with the kettlebell and squeeze with the resistance rope as an example. It’s not the first time Chris Hemsworth has inspired someone to get in great shape.

    For the Australian actor, hypermotivation can be found simply by remembering the benefits of exercise. “I can tell you with the utmost confidence that simply adding exercise to your daily routine will not only add a great smile, but will improve every aspect of your life: more energy, better sleep, elevated mood, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, protection against many chronic diseases, and the list goes on, “he defended.

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    Finally, Chris Hemsworth wanted to send a message to those who train on the weekend after a bit of partying. “ANDMovement creates motivation. Action creates energy. Get going“He insisted. And for those looking for excuses, he remembered that it didn’t matter if it was Saturday, Sunday or any day of the week. The important thing is to take care of the body.

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