Ariana Grande breaks the rules of ‘La Voz’ by breaking her contract

Season 21 of The Voice, the North American version of The voice, has just been released amid a great expectation: to know who will be the winner or winner who will win a prize of $ 100,000 and a record contract. The participants will not have it easy, before them they have four celebrities coaches -Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande- who will decide who goes or not to the next round.

However, it has been Ariana Grande who has come to the fore in the last hours for breach of contract with him talent show. In fact, she has recognized it herself on her social networks and has apologized for it.

Ariana Grande is 'coach' on 'The Voice'

Ariana Grande is ‘coach’ on ‘The Voice’


If there is an unbreakable rule in this television format, it is the impossibility of coaches contact the contestants. This is one of the rules that appear in the contract of the famous judges of The Voice and that they should strictly abide by.

However, not two days have passed since the premiere of season 21 in the United States and Ariana Grande has decided to skip the contract and contact some of the participants that she herself has chosen in the first round of the television format. “I am obsessed with my team. They are amazing and very friendly. I adore them, ”he explained on his Instagram account.

And, after participating as a guest on her partner Kelly Clarkson’s show, Ariana decided to admit her gaffe: “I have broken all the rules in my contract. I send them private messages on Instagram ”. “They tell me I’m not supposed to do something like that,” acknowledged the singer. To settle the matter, Ariana Grande apologized to the contestants with a: “I have to apologize.”

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