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Anllela Sagra wears lace and highlights her dreamy curves

At 28 years old, Anllela Sagra has achieved the crown as one of the most beautiful and attractive models in the Internet world, and it is that the famous one has completely dedicated herself to maintaining her firm and muscular figure.

With this snapshot the pretty Colombian model left everyone speechless and with a good taste in their mouths, as he looks stunning in a set of yellow box that undoubtedly highlights all its beauty.

The famous one gave a very spirited touch to the image that set the imagination of locals and strangers flying, since the transparencies dazzled and revealed many more of her dream body.

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When it comes to showing off her beauty, Anllela Sagra does it without any fear, since she has spent years practicing fitness routines with which she has managed to mark her muscles, which leave everyone well inspired, she always receives love and passion.

With many messages, his official Instagram account is about to explode thanks to the charming content that he exposes, he reveals his splendid figure and that look so daring and risky with which it conquers hearts and steals sighs.

This time was no exception and Anllela Sagra from the window and with transparent lingerie, with yellow touches defies censorship and unleashes a lot of flattery and compliments.

It was impossible for his loyal fans not to observe in detail the fantastic publication, which became the sensation of the moment, quickly received almost 3,000 comments, among which the hearts and flames of fire stand out.

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It is well known that when it comes to looking great, the Colombian does it without any fear, because she relies on those arduous routines that she practices to keep in shape, which she shows in this risky look and with that flirtatious pose that impressed many.

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