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Mexico, with record in gas purchases from the US

Mexico is buying imported natural gas of the United States like never before.

According to the United States Department of Energy, its exports of natural gas to Mexico increase throughout this year and next, due to the lower fuel production in the country and its greatest demand.

Last year, the government of USA reported world exports of 14.4 billion cubic feet a day, a historic figure.

Of that market, Mexico is the main client. In June of this year, US natural gas exports set a new monthly record, surpassing 7 billion cubic feet per day – on several days of that month – according to data from the firm. Wood mackenzie.

The highest amount of natural gas shipped to Mexico by pipeline it was reported on June 17, with 7.4 billion cubic feet.

According to specialists from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Mexico buys natural gas from the United States like never before and in June they increased 25% more than in the same month last year and 44% more than the monthly average of the previous five years (2016- 2020).

“We expect that these record flows, driven by a higher demand for energy, high temperatures and a higher demand in Mexico due to the enormous dependence on central electrical operating on natural gas, industrial plants and interconnections of gas pipelines throughout Mexico, continue into the summer, “adds the agency.

“In recent years,” they detail EIA-, Mexico has expanded its gas pipeline infrastructure and relied on the natural gas U.S.

“Power plants in Mexico used almost 4.9 billion cubic feet a day for power generation in June, 19% more compared to last year.”


Electricity demand

The high temperatures seasonal in areas of northern and central Mexico during parts of June also increased the electricity demand.

The demand for natural gas from industrial sector reached 3.3 billion cubic feet per day in June, 31% more compared to last year, driven by the return to demand levels before the pandemic and the reversal of related economic effects.

Authorities of the sector energetic U.S consider that for the first time natural gas exports will exceed their imports.

“Increases in external sales of natural gas and exports through gas pipelines to Mexico are driving this growth, “he says. Kristen Tsai, EIA analyst.

Determining role

In the report ShortsTerm Energy Outlook, of August this year, they forecast that natural gas exports from the United States will exceed imports by an average of 11 billion cubic feet per day this year, 50% more than the 2020 average (7.5 billion cubic feet) and in this, purchases from Mexico play a decisive role.

They even argue that, for the first time, since the exports of natural gas from USA In 2016, fuel sales exceed those made via gas pipelines estimated at almost 600 million cubic feet per day.

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The United States anticipates that exports of gas natural they will grow in 2021 and 2022, surpassing the record of 14 thousand 400 million cubic feet per day of 2020. For this year an average of 18 thousand million is expected and in the next another 19.3 thousand million.

The production of natural gas, entrusted to Mexican oil, has been reduced from 6,370.3 million cubic feet per day in 2013 to 2,396 million as of June of this year.

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