Percy Jackson series comes instead of new movie – News 2021

Instead of another movie, the demigod will soon go into series! Percy Jackson finds his way to Disney + and now even has the book author’s blessing. It was completely different with the previous adaptations! You can find out what to expect in “Percy Jackson And The Olympians” here.

After the fantasy adventure “Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus” recently ran on free TV, you’re probably wondering how the bestselling film adaptation will continue. The movie sequel “Percy Jackson: Under the Spell of the Cyclops” is eight years old. There were two good reasons why it did not go on.

Percy Jackson becomes a series on Disney Plus

It’s been 7 years since the last Percy Jackson film was released. It has now been announced that a brand new series of the cult book series is in the works at Disney Plus. Percy Jackson becomes a series on Disney Plus.

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While the author of the bestseller series, Rick Riordan, is heavily involved in the new TV series about Poseidon’s son, he completely rejected the scripts for the films. He also regularly printed this out on Twitter, but has since deleted the relevant content. From the beginning he distanced himself from the style in which his fantasy novels were set for the big screen.

After all, the box office success was not as productive as expected at the time. The much-touted competition to the sorcerer’s apprentice “Harry Potter” just didn’t want to work as it should once. So it stayed with two movies, but part 3 is canceled.

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