Keanu Reeves’ Netflix action film “BRZRKR” is only for adults ·

In an interview, Keanu Reeves revealed that an author was found for the Netflix film adaptation of his comic strip “BRZRKR”: that of “The Batman”.

Almost everything that Hollywood’s # 1 Good Guy is currently tackling is going to be a success. Because his fans – and you’d think that’s at least half the world – can’t get enough of him. They want to cheer for their Keanu Reeves in films, they want to rush through video games side by side with him and they even want to turn on the drawn Keanu in comics.

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Quite right, along with comic book experts Matt Kindt and Alessandro Vitti, Reeves was there “BRZRKR” just published his very first comic, which went straight to one of the best-selling comics in years. So it’s no wonder that Netflix went straight to filming it. Together with Reeves, however, not only a live-action film is to be produced, but also an anime spin-off. In an interview with Collider, 57-year-old Reeves gave an update on the plans:

“We work with Netflix, which has been pretty cool so far. They’re going to tell an adult-only story about what is cool. My plan or my hope is not just to film the comic so that they are similar, with the exception of the main character and his specific rules, but new ways [mit dem Film] walk.”

A scriptwriter has already been found, says Reeves: Mattson Tomlin, who also wrote the script for the upcoming DC film “The Batman”, will create the appropriate story.

And if this comes even close to the original in terms of the degree of violence, the audience can expect the toughest film with Keanu Reeves ever. John Wick may do amazing things with a pencil, but B, as the protagonist is called in “BRZRKR”, can do even more amazing things with a broken rib of his opponent (!). And while we’re talking about creative killings, you should also check out these other deadly characters in film history in our video. News – Who will be the next James Bond?

“BRZRKR”: Anime spin-off à la “Star Wars: Visions”

Reeves also had something to say about the anime spin-off. He imagines it to be like the recently published “Star Wars: Visions”; different filmmakers should implement their own creative ideas within a given framework:

“We are currently talking to a few animation companies and are trying to get something off the ground. And again, I personally hope that this will inspire me … There are some rules in the story, but I also want others to create their own version of it. My hope is to create a somewhat different kind of metaverse in which different storytellers * go in different directions within one frame. “

There is definitely something big in store for Netflix subscribers and fans of Keanu Reeves. And with the film adaptation of “BRZRKR” he could further fuel the cult around himself. But he will soon be back as Neo in “Matrix Resurrections” (German cinema release on December 23, 2021) to see.

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