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Jennifer Aniston: “It’s time for a new man”

Jennifer Aniston
“It’s time for a new man”

Jennifer Aniston

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Three years after the end of her marriage to Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston is finally ready for a new relationship and reveals the qualities she wants in her next man.

Jennifer Aniston, 52, is finally ready for a new love and admits in a new interview that she is looking for men again. Three years after ending her marriage to actor Justin Theroux, 50, the actress from “The Morning Show” reveals that it is time again for a new man in her life.

Jennifer Aniston: “The spark on the first kiss is pretty important”

In a podcast interview with Bruce Bozzi on Sirius XM Radio, Jennifer Aniston spoke openly about her current relationship status on Tuesday, September 28th. The “Friends” actress explains that she is not currently dating anyone, but that she is open to something new. When asked by the reporter what she looks for in a new man and how she decides whether he is the right one, Jennifer reveals: “The spark on the first kiss is pretty important. And I just want to feel good around him. The ease, The conversation with which the conversation flows the first time is also very important. But self-confidence is also important, but not arrogance. He has to have a sense of humor, generosity and friendliness in dealing with other people. “

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Jennifer Aniston: “It’s time for a new man”

But that’s not all that is important to the Hollywood star. Aniston adds that physical fitness means a lot to her too. Jen was first married to Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt, 57, and separated from her second husband Justin Theroux in 2018. When asked why she didn’t dive headlong into the dating pool after the breakup, Jennifer said that due to the pandemic, she preferred to spend her life single for a while and that it was difficult for her to find a new love during this time : “Although a lot of people apparently went on dates and found love during Covid, it didn’t work for me,” she says. “I don’t know how it works. I’m curious about how people did this and I would love to go up to them and ask how they did it. So far, there hasn’t been a new person of importance on my radar. But I think it’s time for a new man. I’m ready to get involved in a new relationship, even if I’ve enjoyed being single again for a while. I’ve been in partnerships almost continuously since I was 20 years old. It was something really nice, to take time just for myself. “

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