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Sarah and Julian Engels dust off a photo with “Fast & Furious” star Vin Diesel

Another highlight for Sarah was the meeting with Khaby Lame (21). The network star has over 111 million subscribers on TikTok alone. He enthuses the fans above all with clips in which he makes fun of alleged “life hacks” and presents even simpler alternatives in a funny way. A big fan is apparently Sarah, who even posted a picture with the 21-year-old on her Instagram page. “You can learn everything from this guy, but being pregnant is something that only a woman can really understand,” wrote the mom-to-be about the picture. That his wife was so impressed apparently bothered Julian a tiny bit. “Stay away from my wife,” he commented, but provided his words with red hearts and laughing emojis.

But the footballer also got his money’s worth. “We had a really cool weekend here. It was a lot of fun: Julian had endless fan moments, ”said Sarah in her Instagram story. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with Usain Bolt (35) and Lewis Hamilton (36), whom he was really looking forward to – judging by Julian’s comment, the latter was probably not in a good mood. “Lewis Hamilton didn’t have his day.” In general, the weekend was not a good star for the racing driver. His crash with Max Verstappen meant his premature end for him. (dga)

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