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Robert Downey Jr. is ready for Sherlock Holmes 3

After being featured in Avengers: Endgame as a Iron man the Heroic death has died Robert Downey Jr. now more time to devote to other projects and can revive a character who also has a large number of fans.

Seven years have passed since his last appearance as a master detective (“Sherlock Holmes 2: Spiel im Schatten”), but now is one continuation actually fix and Warner bros. has already revealed a start date (December 22nd, 2021).

With Guy Ritchie, who put his unmistakable stamp on the first two films, we can no longer count. In its place will Dexter Fletcher take over the staging: the long-time actor recently celebrated success as a director of “Rocketman”, the film “Eddie the Eagle” about an unusual ski jumper was made by him (and he directed “Bohemian Rhapsody” instead of Bryan Singer to the end without being named in the credits). Fletcher is therefore specialized in biopics – we will only be able to judge whether a fast-paced crime thriller suits him well for two years.

But then you don’t rely on too many innovations: after all, you should Jude Law as Holmes Sidekick Dr. Watson will return and too Rachel McAdams will hopefully be back Irene Adler to play.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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