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Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom: How Are Their Exes Responding To Baby News?

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom
Ex-partners react very differently to their baby news

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom indulge in baby happiness. But what do your exes say about the good news?

Katy Perry, 35, and Orlando Bloom, 43, could hardly have started the new decade better. Rumor has it that they have to postpone their wedding, which should take place in Japan this year, again. But this year their first child together will crown their love. While the parents-to-be look forward to having offspring, it is often difficult for former partners to deal with the happy news. So how do Miranda Kerr, 36, – Bloom’s ex-wife – and Russell Brand, 44, – ex-husband of Katy Perry react?

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom: This is how their exes react to the baby news

While Katy Perry and ex-husband Russell Brand have consistently gone their separate ways since their divorce in 2012, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are united by a particularly important person: their son Flynn, nine. So a respectful relationship would be desirable and has seemed to be the case for both of them for years. Her reaction to the pregnancy of her “successor” is correspondingly benevolent. Because without swinging big words, she shows her support like social media.

Katy Perry

Miranda Kerr likes it

The video with which the singer announces her offspring is given a heart by Miranda Kerr, i.e. liked. Another sign that the blended family is working and that the newest member is unreservedly looking forward to it. In the past, Kerr had already reported on the good friendship between her and her ex-husband, as well as confirmed the good relationship between her son and his future stepmother.

Russell Brand posts video about heartbreak

The end of the relationship between Katy Perry and Russell Brand, however, left some traces. In an interview in 2017 he said: “When I hear from her or see something, I think, ‘Ah, there is this person, this person somewhere in this world.'” Even then, that didn’t sound like an intimate friendship between them former spouses.

Anyway, fans shouldn’t have expected a reaction similar to that of Miranda Kerr. It is noticeable, however, that the 44-year-old published a detailed video on his Instagram account just one day after the announcement of the baby news, which is about “heartache”. Coincidence or with a deeper meaning? He doesn’t mention his ex’s name during the monologue. But the temporal proximity of the two posts is suspicious.

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