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Impostor Anna Sorokin (30) is released from US jail


September 28, 2021 – 9:43 pm clock

The impostor from Germany is allowed to leave the prison on bail

Anna Sorokin lived in frenzy, dined with New York high society in the best restaurants, stayed in exotic luxury hotels and traveled around the world in private jets – always at the expense of others. Years later, the false millionaire heiress was exposed as a fraud and ended up in jail. As RTL learned on Tuesday, the 30-year-old should be released in the next two weeks.

Anna Sorokin will probably be allowed to stay in the USA

As RTL reporter Daniela Hoffmann reports from New York, a judge decided on Monday to release the impostor on bail from the custody of the US immigration service ICE. The lawyer for the 30-year-old explained that. Sorokin should be allowed to stay in the US for the time being.

It is still unclear how high the deposit will be. The amount should be in a “reasonable amount”, according to Sorokin’s financial status, said the lawyer. In the coming days, she will therefore appear again before a judge from the immigration authorities.

In the video: This latest scam was Anna Sorokin’s undoing

Anna Sorokin collected 250,000

Sorokin’s story made headlines around the world. The 30-year-old was born in Russia and grew up in Eschweiler. As a tourist, she traveled to New York in 2013 and fooled the local high society under the name Anna Delvey. She said her father was a Russian oil billionaire and was scrounging money from a number of people. In reality, her father works as a truck driver in Germany. With the scam, she is said to have stolen around 250,000 euros.

In 2019 the house of cards collapsed. Sorokin was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison in May 2019. She was jailed, released in early 2021, and detained again in April. This time in the prison of the American immigration and customs authorities ICE. Reason: Your visa had expired. Now she is apparently allowed to leave the prison of the ICE again.

Netflix wants to film their luxurious adventure

The spectacular case also aroused the interest of Hollywood: TV producer Shonda Rhimes wants to turn the story into a series for Netflix, while a film with Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie as Sorokin in the lead role is under discussion. If you believe media reports, Sorokin already has a hand there too. In any case, there is enough material for a film adaptation. (mor)

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