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▷ The Bitcoin inventor – author from your town publishes a thriller as …

09/28/2021 – 14:59

Press for books and authors – Hauke ​​Wagner

The Bitcoin inventor - author from your city to publish a thriller as the next Netflix hit?

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special book. A «first work» by a hitherto unknown author who, however, has won over many readers in a short period of time (click here for the reviews). It is about “SATOSHI – the Bitcoin inventor”, written by the entrepreneur Linus Ortelli.

The book deals with the mysterious origins of Bitcoin and its creator, who is still anonymous today. It enables the public to grapple with one of the dominant trend topics of our time. The book, published in self-publishing, has already found over 1,500 readers and ranked in three Amazon top 10 charts.

Why is?

In 2008 a mysterious figure named Satoshi Nakamoto appeared on the Internet and within a few months developed a new monetary system that was to change the course of history: the Bitcoin. A little later, Satoshi disappears again without a trace. The whole world is puzzling over which brilliant mind is behind the first Internet currency, the value of which will soon rise to unimaginable heights and bring its unknown inventor a billion dollar fortune.

In fact, the pseudonym is Carmen Chavez, a Mexican immigrant child from the USA. But she is not about to become the wealthy star of a new financial world. Rather, it falls into the sights of unscrupulous rulers and dark powers who want to make profit from their wealth and intellect.

The thriller SATOSHI takes on the real events behind the legend Satoshi Nakamoto and tells his fictional story in the course of our times.

An exciting thriller related to contemporary history and the future!

A reader opinion: A thriller that has it all. Pure excitement. Ortelli knows how to combine love and hate, money and power, past and future, cultures and visions to create a very exciting thriller. Maybe: the next Netflix hit !?

Curious? I am happy if you find out more about this book and want to read it and then decide whether to publish a review on the book. Do you have any questions about the book or the author? Do you want to arrange an interview? Would you like a copy to read? You can inquire about this directly from me at info@autor-presse.de. Even Raffle campaigns are possible – Free books are available upon request.

To the book: SATOSHI: The Bitcoin inventor by Linus Ortelli, 400 pages, € 21.95, ISBN: 9783969664964, e-book: ASIN B091CRFW3Y, 5.95 euros

About the author: Linus Ortelli is a Swiss author and entrepreneur. He lives in Switzerland with his wife and two children. He studied history and marketing and has since worked as an entrepreneur, consultant and university lecturer in the field of marketing and innovation. In 2016 he published holistonomics.com, then in 2021 his debut novel “Satoshi – The Bitcoin Inventor”.

The author Linus Ortelli is happy to offer you guest articles on these topics:

– Background to the historical classification of Bitcoin

– The myth of Satoshi Nakamoto (and the dangers it poses for the blockchain world)

– Humanities approach to the topics of the monetary system, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

– Sending e-books or written copies if you are interested in discussing the book in your medium

Would you like to find out more about the book and the author? You can find more information on the website www.linus-ortelli.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Hauke ​​Wagner

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