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What are George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy García & Co. doing today?


That’s what the “Ocean’s 13” stars do today

“Ocean’s 13” can be seen again and again on TV – no wonder, the rogue comedy has blossomed into a cult flick. Men in chic suits and an action-packed plot: director Steven Soderbergh has always had great success with all of his films in the “Ocean’s” series. In Germany alone, “Ocean’s 13” grossed a whopping 12.5 million euros in 2007. The leading roles include the Hollywood greats Matt Damon (50), Brad Pitt (57) and George Clooney (59). But what are the Oscar winners and their former co-stars doing today? We’ll tell you!

George Clooney: Everything changed with his wife Amal

George Clooney is in love with his wife Amal.

George Clooney is in love with his wife Amal.

© dpa, Andrew Milligan, sab

George Clooney (59) plays leader Daniel “Danny” Ocean in “Ocean’s 13”, who plans the biggest heist in Las Vegas history.

In private life today it looks anything but exciting with the former Womanizer. After numerous failed relationships and changing women, the father of the family has been married to the lawyer Amal Clooney (43) since 2014. They have the twins Ella and Alexander (3) together. Since the start of the corona pandemic in March 2020, the entire family has been severely isolated and hardly ever left the house. As Clooney revealed in an interview, he has really mutated into a househusband during this time.

Brad Pitt after Brangelina: what’s next?

  Brad Pitt at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards

Brad Pitt at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards

© imago images / Runway Manhattan, OConnor-Arroyo via,

Brad Pitt (57) plays the advisor to the leader Danny Ocean in “Ocean’s 13”. Unlike his colleague Clooney, Brad Pitt has made headlines with his private life over and over again in recent years. After 12 years of relationship, Angelina Jolie (45) broke up in 2019. The separation from the Hollywood dream couple “Brangelina” happened to protect the six children, the actress says today.

Brad Pitt’s job went on like clockwork. In 2020 he was awarded his first acting Oscar. But the flight did not take off – Pitt announced that he wanted to withdraw a little. Since then, it has been rather quiet about the superstar, apart from the occasional news about his divorce war. But fans can hope, because Pitt should come back to the screen as a professional killer.

Matt Damon: Unbridled action on camera

Matt Damon at the premiere of "The Martian"

Matt Damon at the premiere of “The Martian”

© dpa, Andy Rain, ar mb fux skm fpt

Matt Damon (50) embodies the awkward ex-pickpocket Linus Caldwell once again in “Ocean’s 13”, who takes on an unusually seductive role in this film in the “Ocean’s” series.

Even after “Ocean’s 13” Damon can be seen again and again in numerous top-class films. In “Downsizing”, however, he took on a (in the truest sense of the word) tiny role. While the 50-year-old’s private life is quiet, the actor tends to cause a stir with his career. In 2020 he was stuck with his wife Luciana Barroso and their three children in the Irish lockdown, but scandals – no trace.

Andy García: Family man through and through

Andy García as Terry Benedict

In the “Ocean’s” series, Andy Garcia plays the ruthless trader and casino owner Terry Benedict.

His face is associated with the “Ocean’s” series as well as that of George Clooney: Andy García (65) as Terry Benedict. He was introduced as a mean opponent of Danny Ocean in “Ocean’s 11”, but in the third part of the series he becomes an ally.

The former front runner García is best known today as a strong supporting actor. He even appeared singing in “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again”. As a family man, he focuses on his wife Marivi and his four children. His daughter Dominik García-Lorido is also an actress and appeared on the screen together with her father in 2009 in “Meet the Rizzos”.

Don Cheadle flies with Iron Man

Actor Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle plays in many blockbusters, but his name is relatively unknown.

© via Reuters, Film Independent Spirit Awards, MA

Don Cheadle (56) plays a chaotic technical genius in “Ocean’s 13”. Since 2010, Cheadle has repeatedly appeared as the superhero “War Machine” in the films and series of the Marvel universe. He has plenty to do here, because as the sidekick of the super-superhero Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Junior (56), he is always needed when things get tough. Despite the numerous roles Cheadle has embodied in Hollywood blockbusters and an Oscar nomination in 2005, he is relatively unknown. Does he just not afford enough scandals?

Carl Reiner made the world laugh

Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner is the only one of the “Ocean’s” stars who is no longer alive.

© REUTERS, Danny Moloshok, / FW1F / Jeremy Schultz

In “Ocean’s 13”, Carl Reiner (†) plays the trickster Saul Bloom who, as a fake hotel tester, gains access to the heart of the hotel casino.

The American comedy legend Carl Reiner died in June 2020 at the age of 98. He was active on Twitter until shortly before his death. Saul Bloom was the last major role of Reiner, who was well over 80 years old when filming. After that he only worked for occasional guest appearances in TV series such as “Parks and Recreation” and “Two and a Half Men”.

Elliott Gould: “Ocean’s” was over

Actor Elliott Gould in the role of Reuben Tishkoff

Elliott Gould as Reuben Tishkoff in “Ocean’s 11”

© Warner Bros.

Elliott Gould (82) also belongs in his role as financier Reuben Tishkoff to the core group of the “Ocean’s” gang.

Gould has been a successful actor since the 1960s, but most of his career in “Ocean’s” was behind him. In his four decades as a movie star, Gould had played many different roles before starring in “Ocean’s 13”. He has already been seen as a private detective, a bourgeois husband and as the father of the “Friends” leading roles, Monica and Ross. After his appearances as Reuben Tishkoff, things became quiet about the actor. He was married to Barbra Streisand (79) for 18 years and has a son with her.

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