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Sugar-sweet thanks to his Deb

During the ceremony on Monday evening (November 19th), he said: “Life actually happens in between. Life happens when the camera is off. You believed in me when I couldn’t. You made me with a passion and Loved deep ones that I didn’t even know existed – and I don’t think I thought I deserved this. You pushed and encouraged me when I was scared to go outside. You made me smile, to smile. You made me sing by singing. You made me love to love and like everything I do in my life, I share this with you. I love you. “

The Australian actor recently stated that his love for his wife would “only get deeper”. On their wedding day, Jackman wrote on Instagram: “I believe we see and need to be seen by the most important people in our lives. Deb, we had this from day one. 22 years later … it just gets deeper. You and the children are the greatest gift I will ever receive. I love you a billion times around the world. “

The 50-year-old always turns to his wife with a heartwarming gesture when he enters a stage, as he also revealed: “I put my hand on my heart and look for her in the audience. It’s my way of thanking her . For me, that’s what really matters. “

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