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Living happier: 3 tips from Emma Watson

The name Emma Watson is no longer only associated with the role of Hermione in “Harry Potter”. The actress is an advocate for women’s rights and is an inspiration when it comes to living a fulfilling life. The three little habits are part of it for them

How do you lead a full and happy life? If it is up to actress Emma Watson, as can be read in the online magazine wellandgood.com, these three rules, among other things, are indispensable. And they are all about self-love in the broadest sense.

Bathe every day

How do you do something good for yourself every day? Actress Emma Watson, for example, takes a bath every day because it is good for her soul. What do you do? Our suggestion: meditate, do yoga, create routines that are good for you and your soul. Whatever that may be. Make your well-being come first.

Series instead of a party

In addition to a visit to the dentist, work and household chores, always plan time to relax. Emma Watson, for example, likes to relax while watching old seasons of Friends. In return, she also lets the party with friends go by. Incidentally, this also closes the circle to the first point, self-love. When was the last time you took a break?

Stressful week? Never fear Monday again

Sport that demands

Just as we should relax, we should also work out. Emma Watson swears by short but strenuous workouts that ideally also challenge her brain, such as boxing. According to her trainer Emily Drew, her training is mostly based on stretching, strength and a rest unit.

This yoga helps against stress

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