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Emily Blunt: “I had to find my way” – cinema

Actress Emily Blunt talks about her preparation for the film “Mary Poppins Returns”. Markus Tschiedert met Blunt in her native London.

In a short time, Emily Blunt (35) has made it to the top division of Hollywood. She played her first leading role in “Victoria, the young queen”. Since then, the British woman has been enjoying herself in comedies (“Almost Married”) and action blasts (“Sicario”). Blunt is now the successor to Julie Andrews, who became world famous in 1964 as “Mary Poppins”. It wasn’t until 54 years later that Disney was sending “Mary Poppins’ Returns” to the cinema. Markus Tschiedert met Emily Blunt in her native London.

Ticket: Do you remember the first time you saw “Mary Poppins” starring Julie Andrews?
Blunt: I still remember that very well! I was six years old and afterwards I wanted nothing more than to be able to dance with cartoon characters myself. How great it must be to circle with painted penguins. I was only afraid of the bankers. When Mary Poppins finally left the family, I even cried.
Ticket: Did you watch the film again in preparation?
Blunt: No, I got him when I was six …

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