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Chris Hemsworth has an overpriced app for that

The telling working title for Thor 4: Love and Thunder was apparently from one Marvel Insider Leaked . In order to recognize a flippant reference to Thor in Avengers 4: Endgame, who got a little out of the glue, we don’t have to work that hard. Under hand, Thor is 4 The Big Salad called, so the big salad as a mountain that the overweight Thor has to overcome.

In case you don’t remember: In Avengers 4 we meet Chris Hemsworth’s otherwise extremely well-trained thunder god Jogging pants belly at. During the course of the film, his (deceased) mother advises him to eat a salad.

Thor 4’s working title now may mean that …

  • A: Thor while of the sequel with Jane Foster wants to lose weight.
  • B: Thor himself again before wants to get in shape.

What is irritating about the overweight Thor is that the defined muscle body was not something like a bonus to Thor’s other superpowers, but rather is fleeting. Both Colleagues Captain America, Spider-Man and Star Lord it is completely different. According to the motto: You can now climb walls and shoot nets and here is a body fat percentage of 15 percent and a thicker biceps.

So when it comes to figurative things, Thor is surprisingly human, which also means that the tough calorie laws of mortals apply to him. And there comes the real Chris Hemsworth comes into play. The fit Australian made his attractive appearance, which was hard-earned at least below the neck, commercially arable almost 2 years ago.

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With Chris Hemsworth’s expensive fitness app, Thor would be slim again in no time

The app is called Centr. On the website A Hemsworth swinging dumbbells greets you, steeling his body with a satisfied expression on his face. In Corona times, rejoice Fitness guides of this kind great popularity. I stumbled across the app myself in the summer when I was looking for exercises that I could do in my own apartment. With the juicy subscription prices, however, I turned around on sales. (Stream Thor 3 and the MCU at Disney + *)

Centr is apparently a premium product. The work-out and nutrition routines that have been tried and tested at Hemsworth are presented here in an overview and tailored to the individual everyday life and the training level of the users.

How does Thor get his old figure back?

But that costs so much and the subscription structures with the test membership are so complicated that there is a small one in the spring Shitstorm around Centr gave. Users suddenly found themselves going up to $ 99 after trying unsuccessfully to cancel their trial. (More on Chris Hemsworth’s transformation in the MCU)

Thor in Ragnarok

That being said, I’m curious to see how Thor’s figure problems will be addressed in the next film. Will Thor then train according to the Hemsworth laws, i.e. the Centr approach? For the undisciplined Thor, that might be just the right thing to do. In that case, Thor would have to be strenuous High intensity interval exercises and stick to a strict eating plan. Hopefully Thor has a good muscle memory and doesn’t have to pay a full year.

Incidentally, Chris Hemsworth himself is training harder than ever before. He will play the steroid wrestler Hulk Hogan in a biopic. Plus, the Marvel performer is pretty sure i toowith the next Mad Max. Thor 4 is scheduled to start on February 10, 2022, i.e. in 16 months.

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Does Thor have to get slim again at all?

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