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Adam Sandler: Actors Boycott Filming Of Adam Sandler’s Comedy

Film without an actor: Adam Sandler is currently shooting a western comedy. But the film is too offensive and stereotypical for the specially booked US natives. They left the set.

Native American actors have left the set to protest the portrayal of Native Americans in Adam Sandler’s western comedy “The Ridiculous Six”. Actress Allison Young told CNN on Friday that she and some colleagues found scenes offensive and offensive. As an example, the Navajo tribesman named, among other things, a scene in which white men doused an Indian actress who was lying on the ground with alcohol. She lamented the stereotypical portrayal of the Hollywood Indians.

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Actor Loren Anthony announced on Twitter that he had left the set for “disrespect” to Native American women. A consultant for cultural issues also dropped out of the film project in protest, said Young.

“The Ridiculous Six” – actors leave set of Adam Sandler film

The online video service Netflix, which is behind the production of “The Ridiculous Six”, described the film as a western satire. The film is meant to be “ridiculous”, as the word “ridiculous” (in German about ridiculous, silly) in the title suggests, according to a statement.

The film, directed by Frank Coraci (49, “Vacation Ready”, “The Zoo Keeper”) is currently being shot in the US state of New Mexico. In addition to Sandler (48), Nick Nolte, Will Forte, and Steve Buscemi also play. Sandler is also involved in the script and as a producer. AZ / DPA



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