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Johnny Depp on “Cancel Culture” – “Nobody is safe anymore” – people

For years he was THE Hollywood favorite of children, enchanted boys and girls in films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Alice in Wonderland”. Then Johnny Depp (58) slipped into the role of an alleged woman thug in real life due to his dirt divorce.

Now he was speaking at a Spanish film festival about the so-called “Cancel Culture”, which he says has also spread in the cinema industry. His conclusion: “Nobody is safe anymore.”

Depp asked questions from reporters at the San Sebastian International Film Festival on Wednesday about the loss of Hollywood’s favor for new roles since his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, 35, made shocking allegations of violence against him over a British Richter judged: “(…) essentially correct”.

“It’s a very complex situation, this cancel culture, or this immediate rush of judgments that are essentially based on polluted air,” Depp now countered.

They were still a couple: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in January 2016 at a gala in LA.  Four months later it was all over

Since they were still a couple: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in January 2016 at a gala in LA. Four months later it was all overPhoto: picture alliance / AP Images

And then this sentence: “It has gotten so out of hand that I can assure you that nobody is safe. Not one of you as long as someone is ready to say something. “

Female filmmakers and other groups criticized the organizers’ decision to present Depp with the “Donostia Award”, the festival’s highest honor. This tarnished the image of the event and sent the wrong message to victims of gender-based violence.

Last year, Depp lost defamation proceedings against a British newspaper that had published allegations against his ex-wife. He is currently suing his ex in Virginia, USA, for $ 50 million over a Washington Post comment she wrote about domestic violence.

“It takes a sentence, then there is no more floor, the carpet is pulled,” said Depp, without mentioning Heard or the defamation cases.

“It has happened to a lot of people: women, men, children have suffered from various kinds of inconveniences that unfortunately at some point start to think that this is normal, that it is them. But it isn’t, ”he said.

The Spanish Association of Women Filmmakers, which is closely connected to the festival, was pissed off that Depp had received an award.

“What is the message that remains when men accused of sexist violence are applauded, photographed on red carpets, surrounded by unconditional fans?” Wrote the association on a Twitter thread.

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