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What if … Thor, the god of thunder, would travel to earth, but not to protect it from bad guys, but to party? The prince actually had other things to do …

The watcher is slowly finding it difficult to explain … © Disney +

What is it about?

He is the watcher (voice of Jeffrey Wright), he looks, observes, but will never intervene. So this being reports today of a story which, due to a small change in the events, shows such great differences from the events as we know them.

Doctor Jane Foster (voice of Nathalie Portman) and her assistant Darcy (voice of Kat Dennings) stand in their old car in the desert and examine movements in the night sky. Suddenly this is broken by a bright beam that points directly to Las Vegas. This jet, a transport from Asgard, has a group of extraterrestrials in its luggage, one of which is a very special number: Party King Thor (voice of Chris Hemsworth)!

That’s right, Thor Odinsson invites you to a big celebration on our planet and the hottest characters from all kinds of atmospheres appear. The stupid thing is that this kind of universal party destroys the planet in question! So Jane Foster now has to try with the help of SHIELD and Captain Marvel to fight this techno threat, and it soon becomes clear that only one person can actually help: Thor’s Mami!

No party puff!
No party puff! © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Thor is the party pope and pops the corks in Vegas, Paris and Sydney. What at first glance looks like a zero number develops in the seventh episode of What if …? to the very entertaining farce about partying and partying, in which different characters from the MCU go hand in hand. The fact that the god of thunder turns out to be a spoiled brat who only listens to Mutti and has a “Brother from another Mother” buddy with Loki is good for the episode, because there is a lot to smile about.

You have beautiful hair!!
You have beautiful hair!! © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

It is impressive to see which stars return here just to speak of their characters. From Jeff Goldblum to Karen Gillan, Clancy Brown or Frank Grillo to Taika Waititi and Seht Green, who once again gives Howard, the Duck a voice. By the way, what this duck does with the pretty assistant Darcy is hard to believe …

Conclusion of the seventh episode

It won’t take long until What if …? should lead to the grand finale. There we should probably get to see a combination of different episodes, because in this seventh episode, too, the makers bring a very nasty cliffhanger at the very end, which has to be resolved. Until then, it’s all about partying, drinking and knocking on stupid sayings. And if you want to know whether Captain Marvel wields the stronger hammer than Thor, you can’t avoid this episode anyway …

What If …? has been shown on a weekly basis exclusively on Disney + since August 11, 2021.

Dossier: What If

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