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Richard Osman: The bestselling crime thriller author who impressed Spielberg publishes new book

It is strange that one of the best-selling books in British history was initially a secret: the author, Richard Osman, is a comedian and television presenter who BBC viewers have been so familiar with for years that his literary debut was in danger when one of those archetypal “celebrity novels” to be noticed. So Osman decided not to go the usual way of an author who starts by signing a contract with a publisher, including a hefty advance payment. Instead, he completed the manuscript of “The Thursday Murder Club” without first consulting a publisher. (Also read: Stephen King: These are his 5 best books – according to the author himself)

Steven Spielberg wants to film “The Thursday Murder Club”

Apparently, the TV comedian wanted to prove to himself that his explosive mix of crime, humor, and lovable characters could work on its own, and not because he was another familiar face to post his vanity project. Indeed, his debut delighted the critics and from then on, “The Thursday Murder Club”To the mind-boggling publishing phenomenon it is today, numbering number one on the Sunday Times bestseller list for over forty weeks and reading more than two million worldwide.

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One of Osman’s avid fans: a certain Steven Spielberg, who hurried to get the film rights to the novel (via Amblin Entertainment) before anyone could preempt it. Since then, Richard Osman claims, he has not been able to set foot on the streets of London without someone calling out actress Helen Mirren’s name; because for many of his fans this is the ideal cast for the role of the enigmatic ex-spy Elizabeth from Osman’s novel.

That’s what Richard Osman’s crime series is all about

Exactly this figure is the linchpin of the second volume of the saga, which has just hit the bookstores: “The man who died twice” should also clarify the question of whether “The Thursday Murder Club”Was a stroke of genius by chance, or whether Richard Osman laid the foundation for an exciting and long-lasting crime series in the style of“ Sherlock Holmes ”or“ Miss Marple ”. So much can be revealed: Osman doesn’t need more than a handful of pages to drag us back into his brilliant and ingenious universe of murder and tea-time thrillers.

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Basically, “The Man Who Died Twice” justifies a type of popular novel that couldn’t be more inspiring in these uncertain times we live in: the leisurely detective novel where every piece of the puzzle ends up fitting and every detail goes with it the care taken by someone who knows they are creating not so much a plot as a place for the reader to escape to and end up feeling at home. (Also read: Nordic Noir: These are the best crime series from Scandinavia)

Aside from the question of who the killer is, the adventures of the “The Thursday Murder Club” a mood that goes very well with Coopers Chase, that luxurious retirement village in the south of England where much of the action takes place. Add to this some surprisingly in-depth, yet welcome reflections on age, and the result is another pudding that is as irresistible as it is tender. Nobody knows for sure how a bestseller crime thriller is structured, but Osman seems to have a clue: Fall in love with your characters and the reader will follow you. “The man who died twice” is the best evidence of this. The German version will be available from January 27, 2022, the English version can be ordered here.

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