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Nano Dogecoin (INDC) and Baby Spacefloki, BSF

Two new cryptocurrencies are currently seeing strong growth: Nano Dogecoin and Baby Spacefloki. We say: What are the two unknown coins – and could it be worth getting started?

Nano DogeCoin – cryptocurrency for passive income?

Every day is happening in the crypto markets right now real course explosions. The latest example: the cryptocurrency Nano Dogecoin (INDC). According to Coinmarketcap.com, INDC was able to gain a whopping 1,357,816,226,656% (!) Within the last 24 hours.

Nano Dogecoin in the daily chart: vertical candle pointing up! Source: Coinmarketcap.com

The green candle on the daily chart, it couldn’t be more vertical: Yesterday, Nano Dogecoin traded flat at 0.00000000076 dollars, then the price shot to 19.18 dollars in around ten minutes. There was a slight correction here, which pushed the INDC price down a little.

However, the bulls began to trample again and brought Nano Dogecoin back up – to $ 20.40, a fresh all-time high. As a result, there was a drop to as low as 19.41 dollars, where the coin has remained stable since then. The big question crypto investors are now asking is: What is Nano Dogecoin (INDC)?

What is Nano Dogecoin (INDC)?

Nano Dogecoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. Coinmarketcap.com has only been running the coin since August 13th, 2021, Coingecko.com since August 2nd, 2021. According to the whitepaper, Nano Dogecoin is a “community-driven charity token with built-in rewards (USDT) and community events.”

Goal of the crypto project: Saving dogs worldwide and at the same time giving investors “more than just the warm and cozy feeling of supporting a worthy cause”. In other words: whoever helps should also be rewarded for it.

Nano Dogecoin holders therefore receive fixed rewards in USDT, a stablecoin. In addition, in the future, holders of the cryptocurrency should not only be able to stake their tokens and receive interest on them (as is the case with all current staking mechanisms). Rather, nano Dogecoin holders should also receive compound interest in combination with the USDT rewards. Investors can view their USDT earnings in real time on the Nano Dogecoin website. You can also find the Nano Dogecoin whitepaper here.

What is Baby Spacefloki (BSF)?

Above a whopping 4,530% price increase Investors in the BabySpaceFloki (BSF) cryptocurrency are also delighted this morning. Similar to Nano Dogecoin, BabySpaceFloki traded largely flat yesterday: From local lows of 0.000000000027 dollars, buyers drove BSF in several stages to 0.000000000168 dollars, and finally to 0.0000000025 dollars.

A new local high that BabySpaceFloki couldn’t hold. BSF pulled back and fell as low as $ 0.000000001211, which is where the coin is currently trading. A extreme course – so what is BabySpaceFloki (BSF)?

Strange name, strong course: the daily chart of BabySpaceFloki (BSF). Source: Coinmarketcap.com

BabySpaceFloki is a new cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. It has been listed on Coinmarketcap.com since July 12th, 2021, it is not listed on Coingecko.com. However, the developers have been promising since mid-July that a corresponding listing will follow:

Come in addition: The homepage of the crypto project reports a data protection error, there is no valid HTTPS certificate. It is therefore not easy for potential investors in the project to find out more about it.

My conclusion on the two coins: I prefer to wait until the projects have established themselves and more information is known about both Nano Dogecoin (INDC) and BabySpaceFloki (BSF).


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