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Hollywood star Matt Damon under review

Hollywood. In an interview with the Sunday Times about his new movie Stillwater, Matt Damon, 50, stated that he recently stopped using the “F-word”. The F word? In the US, the “F word” is an abbreviation for a homophobic insult.

In the interview, the actor stated that he told a joke at dinner that included the F-word. Whereupon one of his four daughters left the room and wrote a “very long and wonderful treatise on why this word is dangerous,” Damon told the Sunday Times. Then he decided not to use the F-word anymore: “I understood.”

Criticism from the net

The response to these statements was not long in coming. Numerous users of social networks felt obliged to make Damon aware of his misconduct: why a 50-year-old man has to be informed by his daughter that the use of such terms is no longer appropriate, many people asked themselves online. Which word he had replaced the F-word was speculated there.

Damon responded to the criticism from the net in a statement that was picked up in Variety magazine, among others: “In my private life I have never referred to anyone with the F-word and this conversation with my daughter was not a personal awakening. I don’t use swear words of any kind. ”He realized that even today it is still not uncommon for attacks on the LGBTQ + community, which is why many people would have surely assumed the worst about him.

But he would, as always, be on the side of the LGBTQ + community. The topic is probably not ticked off for the time being. Now there is criticism of Damon’s explanation that he does not want to have used the word at all.

Matt Damon’s new film “Stillwater”, in which he plays a father who wants to free his daughter in France, has been in theaters since last weekend. It should be loosely based on the incident around the American Amanda Knox.

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