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“Dune” becomes a cinema hit in Germany – and yet it has a disadvantage compared to “Fast & Furious 9” ·

Hardly any other film this year was expected with as much excitement and anticipation as the sci-fi epic “Dune” – and this is also noticeable in the numbers from the first weekend.

Is it enough or is it not enough? That’s the big question here. Because if “Dune” actually gets its planned sequel depends crucially on its box office success. After all, such a production budget of 165 million US dollars has to be justified first. After the first weekend it can be said: Germany seems to be interested in a sequel and is doing its part to ensure that it comes.

Because “Dune” turned out to be a real hit at the cinema release. A total of 340,000 visitors streamed into the cinemas from Thursday to Sunday, as Blickpunkt: Film reports. The first screenings on Wednesday added 50,000 tickets sold, which means that the sci-fi film by director Denis Villeneuve has already reached almost 400,000 viewers in this country.

Our Video gives you a first preview of a possible sequel:

Dune: Part 2 – What can we expect in the sequel?

Even Marvel has no chance against “Dune”

With this, “Dune” easily leaves big Marvel blockbusters behind: “Black Widow” started with just 205,000 visitors, while “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” sold 185,000 cards in Germany at the start.

Compared to a film, however, the book adaptation has the disadvantage: “Fast & Furious 9”. For the last part of the fast-paced action series around Vin Diesel, 520,000 viewers streamed into German cinemas on the first weekend, which is the German start record in Corona times so far. “Dune” remains in second place in this category, but that is undoubtedly impressive. After all, the sci-fi movie couldn’t build its franchise over eight films beforehand. Especially since the novel already appeared in the 60s and the only film adaptation was made in 1984, which is also generally regarded as poor.

Dive even deeper into “Dune” with the original:

The desert planet: novel (The desert planet - newly translated, volume 1)

The desert planet: novel (The desert planet – newly translated, volume 1)

Accordingly, the numbers now prove that “Dune” has obviously not lost any of its appeal even 50 years later. But whether that is enough to justify “Dune 2” remains to be seen. The film has grossed a total of 36.8 million US dollars worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). The most important market is still missing, because in the USA “Dune” will not start until October 22nd. There the film is running at the same time on the streaming service HBO Max, so the responsible studio Warner Bros. is likely to keep an eye on not only the box office income but also the views there. The audience will have to be patient for a while before the decision is made as to whether “Dune 2” will come or not.

Not only “Dune” captivated the audience. But do you recognize these popular sci-fi films by just one picture?

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