Britney Spears back on Instagram, but fans have doubts

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Britney Spears is back on Instagram, but fans immediately notice: something is wrong

Britney Spears

With this post, Britney Spears got back on Instagram

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After a brief social media hiatus, Britney Spears has returned to Instagram. She spent a weekend with her fiancé in Palm Springs, the singer reported. But fans quickly realized that the posting was strange.

It didn’t take long before she reappeared in the feeds of Instagram users: A week after Britney Spears took a break from Instagram, she reported back to the photo platform. But the posting raised questions.

Britney Spears is back on Instagram

“Some pictures from my weekend getaway to celebrate my engagement with my (…) fiancé. I still can’t believe it !!!! I couldn’t stay away from the platform for too long, so I’m back again !!!! ! Psss I took these photos in Palm Springs with clip-in extensions, “the singer wrote about two pictures of herself.

It wasn’t long before fans began to express doubts about the authenticity of Britney’s description of the picture. As the creators of the Spears podcast “Toxic” showed on Instagram, the pictures that were allegedly shot in Palm Springs are similar to those from February of this year. Britney’s hair is the same, she wears the same necklace and top.

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The official “Free Britney” Twitter account seemed meanwhile to share the amazement. “No, Britney still does not post on her account”, wrote the creators and seemed to confirm the concerns of the fans.

Fans (again) worried

During Spears’ comeback posting, fans were also amazed that Britney’s hair was no longer red. In the photos with which she announced her engagement, there were still clear streaks of red. “Can you upload more pictures? We are very concerned, Britney,” wrote a user below the post. A comment that Britney (or her team) could have read, after all, the musician then uploaded several videos of herself dancing. “My red paint came out in the shower. And it looked like a crime scene,” she wrote on one of the clips.

Hair extensions for length and a washable color – but that doesn’t explain why the photos from Palm Springs are almost identical to those from seven months ago.


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