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Ten personal questions for Dr. Tassi Giannikopoulos (Volt): “My greatest vice is my stubbornness”

The first memory of politics, the biggest vice and embarrassing poster in the youth room? asked the Karlsruhe Bundestag candidate ten very personal questions before the election. Dr. Tassi Giannikopoulos (Volt) reveals: He learned from his parents to work hard to achieve success.

As the child of a Greek guest worker family, Tassi Giannikopoulos worked his way up from electrician to electrical engineer. For Volt he would like to contribute to better European cooperation among other things in the Bundestag according to the motto “Less national action, more holistic action”.

  • Name first Name: Dr. Giannikopoulos, Tassi
  • age: 41
  • place of birth: Cologne
  • Place of residence (district): Karlsruhe (Hagsfeld)
  • Marital status / children: Three sons (22 years, 12 years and 8 years)
  • Current occupation: Transformation manager diversity at the energy supplier Baden-W├╝rttemberg

My first memory of politics is ??

the fall of the wall and the unification of Germany.

On the wall in my teenage room was a poster of ??

the film “Back to the Future”.

I learned that from my parents:

Nobody gives you anything, you have to work hard for everything.

I was in school ??

I always tried to do my best.

This phrase should be forbidden:

Where do you come from?

My biggest vice is ??

my stubbornness.

To relax after work, I do ??

Things to do with my family and my hobbies.

I would like to meet this person personally:

Sylvester Stallone.

Karlsruhe is for me ??


On September 27th after breakfast I will ??

go about my work as normal, no matter what it is.

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