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OneCoin crypto scam project is filmed with Kate Winslet

Although the case of the infamous crypto fraud project OneCoin has not yet been finally negotiated, a film is already being made in which the leading actress from the world hit Titanic will also be involved.

As Deadline reports, Kate Winslet has accepted a role in the film project called “Fake!” The film is based on an unpublished book by Douglas Thompson and Jen McAdam. McAdam, who is herself one of the victims of the OneCoin pyramid scheme, is also involved as a producer on the film.

The film’s writer and director will be Scott Z. Burns, who was behind the camera in the political drama The Report, which is about the CIA’s methods of torture after September 11th. Burns also wrote the script for the film Contagion, in which Winslet was also there.

The fraudulent crypto project OneCoin was founded in 2015 by the Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova. As Cointelegraph had already reported several times, the project corresponded to a classic pyramid system, with cryptocurrencies in this case being the means to an end. The project made the adventurous promise that OneCoin would be the next Bitcoin, even though the project was not even based on a blockchain. Despite repeated warnings from the crypto industry and government agencies, OneCoin found more and more victims.



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