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Maestro, We Will Miss You: Nicolas Cage And More: Great Sadness For Sean Connery

The mourning for Sean Connery is great. Numerous celebrities, including his former co-stars, take a touching farewell to the James Bond legend.

The death of Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020) deeply touched his colleagues and fans around the world. Born in Scotland, the first actor ever to be cast as James Bond, he passed away on October 31st at the age of 90. This was announced by his family. One of the first to express his grief was Daniel Craig (52), the current James Bond actor: “He defined an entire era and a style. The wit and charm he conjured up on screen was outstanding. He made his contribution to the success of the modern blockbuster. ”

See Sean Connery as James Bond here.

Pierce Brosnan (67), also once a James Bond mime, published a black and white photo of the deceased on his Instagram account and wrote that Sir Sean Connery was “the greatest James Bond” for him. He had cast “a long shadow of cinematic splendor” that “will live on forever”. He paved the way for all of his Bond successors. Each and every one of them would have looked up to him “with awe and admiration”. Connery was “powerful in every way”, “as an actor and as a man, and you will remain so until the end of time.”

“He was the best teacher”

Nicolas Cage (56) was seen at the side of Connery in “The Rock” (1996). In a statement available to People magazine, Cage said, “I admired Sean so much. I was happiest working with him – his wisdom, humility and extreme honesty have guided me since we met. He was my friend and the best teacher. ” Cage calls Connery the first movie star to appear in multiple genres – drama, action-adventure, and comedy. “He did everything effortlessly and with dignity. Maestro, we will miss you.”

Kevin Costner (65) and Robert De Niro (77) were part of the cast of “The Untouchables” (1987). Sean Connery won an Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance in the crime thriller. The only golden boy in his career. De Niro told People magazine that Sean Connery appeared to be “much younger than 90”. “I expected – and hoped – that he would be with us a lot longer. See you up there, Sean.”

Kevin Costner praised Sean Connery as “a talented actor who was extremely proud of his oeuvre, especially his work on stage,” in his statement, which also published “People”. He described the native Scotsman as “very factual”, but Connery was “incredibly open both professionally and personally”. “He was the biggest star I’ve ever worked with and I’ll be forever grateful to be cinematically connected to him.”

Alec Baldwin (62) shared a touching anecdote in a video on his Instagram account. He was in front of the camera with Connery for “Hunt for Red October” (1990). He learned so much from his co-star. He was so nice to him. Baldwin remembered in the clip admiring his co-star’s bespoke leather jacket on set. In the end, Connery made sure that he also got a tailor-made leather jacket and paid for it. “That guy was the king,” enthused Baldwin.


Sam Neill (73) was also seen in “Hunt for Red October”. On Twitter, he recognized his co-star as a “great man and actor”. He also tweeted: “Every day on set with Sean Connery was a lesson in acting. But all that charisma and power – that was absolutely unique to Sean.”

In “Tempting Trap” (1999), Catherine Zeta-Jones (51) shone alongside Sean Connery. On her Instagram account, she posted an old black and white photo of her and Connery waving at the camera. “Goodbye, my friend. I love you, Sean Connery, with all my heart. Until we meet again, I will cherish every moment with you.” She sends her love to his widow Micheline and his family. At the end of her post, she added “In Liebe, ‘the kid'”, which is obviously a nickname Connery had for her.



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