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Leonardo DiCaprio: Private beach & huge terrace with sea view: He’s selling his dream home

In 1998, shortly after his breakthrough with the Oscar-winning movie hit “Titanic”, Leonardo DiCaprio (46) bought a new home in Malibu Beach. According to “justjared.com”, the actor is said to have paid $ 1.6 million at the time – today the property has increased significantly in value. Leo now wants to sell it for 10 million dollars (around 8.4 million euros). The simply but luxuriously furnished house has a lot to offer: a fantastic location with direct access to the beach, a huge terrace and three newly renovated bedrooms. A breathtaking view of the sea and certainly one or two famous neighbors are guaranteed to the buyer.

Would you like to know how Leo lives? In the gallery above we show you a glimpse of his home.

“Titanic” accessories in Leonardo DiCaprio’s house?

Is it the Malibu house that was recently discussed? In the podcast “Behind The Velvet Rope”, star designer Megan Weaver talked about an experience in the 1990s. “When I worked for Leo, his mom let me into the house, she was so cute. Irmelin … she let me live in his beach house in Malibu that weekend,” says the interior designer. “We went into the house and everything was ‘Titanic” https://www.bunte.de/stars/star-life/stars-privat/. “Titanic’ towels, ‘Titanic’ posters – ‘Titanic’ everywhere. Me I don’t think he would do that anymore, but it was the 90s and the film wasn’t that old. ” Megan Weaver suspects Leo’s mother may have decorated the house back then. Today you can find at least no “Titanic” towels in the bathroom of the beach house.

Leo’s house looks modest compared to the $ 85 million estate where talk legend Oprah Winfrey lives. In the video below we show you her “castle”!

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