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Katy Perry responds to allegations of sexual misconduct

In 2018, Katy Perry was accused of having “sexual misconduct”, ie sexual harassment, to be noticed. Now the musician commented in an interview with the British “Guardian” on the allegations that the model Josh Kloss made against her at the time. Kloss starred in 2010 with Katy Perry in her music video for the single “Teenage Dream”.

Kloss claimed at the time that Katy Perry tugged on his underwear at a party without his permission, exposing her genitals to the people who were near her that night. The model wrote, “She pulled my Adidas pants and underwear down as far as possible to show off my penis to some of her friends and the crowd around us. Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt? “

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Josh Kloss’s accusations followed those of Georgian TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. She claimed to have been molested by Perry at a party. The singer is said to have touched her inappropriately while intoxicated and tried to kiss her. Now Katy Perry has commented on the allegations for the first time. In the interview she said: “I think we live in a world where everyone can say something.”

When asked if the allegations were fabricated, Perry replied, “I don’t comment on all the things that are said about me because when I hunt this dragon it’s about fighting for truth all my life.” And I would , as the singer believes, distracts from the me-too movement, which advocates for victims of abuse.

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