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Emma Stone: The worst moment of your life

Oscar night was supposed to be the greatest and most glamorous event of the year for everyone, but actress Emma Stone had the worst moment of her life

The whole world looked to Hollywood on February 26th. The 2017 Oscars were awarded. The event of the year for all filmmakers and film fans. An evening that will be remembered and made history.

Especially for the crew of the 14-time nominated film “La La Land” this Oscar ceremony will be remembered in a very special way. The team watched in disbelief as their Oscar in the “Best Film” category was passed on to the film “Moonlight”.

Emma Stone can’t believe it

Already on stage and with the trophy in hand, leading actress Emma Stone, 28, learns that she has to give the golden boy back straight away.

That was one of the most terrible moments in my life

Stone told the Daily Mail late in the evening.

However, there is some consolation

The crew and Emma can still be satisfied with how the evening went. “La La Land” won no less than six of the golden boys, making it the most successful film of the evening. Emma Stone was honored as “Best Actress” and, at just 28 years old, has achieved what most actresses strive for all their lives.

La La Land at the Golden Globes

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone


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