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Chuck and Larry – Adam Sandler & Kevin James play together in these films

Today at 8:15 p.m. you can watch Chuck and Larry – Wie Feuer und Flamme on RTL II. Adam Sandler and Kevin James play two firefighters in the comedy who fool their fellow human beings into a homosexual marriage after Larry’s life insurance policy only favors his children if he is in a marriage-like relationship. Only his best friend Chuck can help him now. But Sandler and James not only have a deep bromance in front of the camera, the two are also known for their friendship behind the scenes.

Ever since he started out as an actor, Adam Sandler has gathered a lot of friends for each of his films. Rob Schneider, David Spade and Nick Swardson are just a few of his buddies who have starred by his side in a number of films. In an interview with The Independent Sandler emphasized that he usually doesn’t care about reviews or audience feedback, but that his films mean for him hanging out with his best friends and having fun.

What really happens is this: As a group, we come up with an idea together and we then work on it. When we sit together, we make jokes, try to make others laugh, and even manage it. At the end a script comes out.

King of Queens star Kevin James has also been one of Sandler’s closest friends for several years. The two first collaborated in the comedy 50 First Dates, in which James received a cameo as a factory worker. Since then, the two have worked together in eight other films. Aside from 50 first dates, James made another guest appearance on Don’t Mess With The Mess. In front of the camera, the two were seen in Grown Ups 1 and 2 and Pixels. In the comedy The Zookeeper, starring Kevin James, Sandler voiced the monkey Donald, and in Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 both act as voice actors. In 2016, Adam Sandler also played Kevin’s boyfriend Jimmy Landers on the CBS series Kevin Can Wait.

Sandler, James and Jessica Biel in Chuck and Larry

Tonight on RTL II you can convince yourself of the friendship between Adam Sandler and Kevin James in Chuck and Larry – Wie Feuer und Flamme. Next year, Hotel Transylvania 3 will also open in cinemas, in which Sandler can be heard again as Dracula and Kevin James as Frank.

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