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Billie Eilish: She shows herself in a very unusual look

Billie Eilish
We have never seen them like this before

Billie Eilish


Now there’s one style hammer after the next with Billie Eilish. After the hair, it now seems to be the turn of the clothes. She presents her radical change in style on her Instagram profile.

Lynn Haagensen

First Billie Eilish surprised us with a new hairstyle – she swapped her famous neon green hair for a good look in platinum blonde – the next style hammer is coming!

Billie Eilish in a granny look

This time we are mainly surprised by her outfit, which is anything but typical for the rebellious singer. Instead of flashy outfits in which she never skimp on color or patterns, the 19-year-old suddenly turns to a granny-style cardigan. Buttoned up, with a good hairstyle and jewelry and subtle make-up, it looks almost inconspicuous. Something that we are not used to from her at all. This style definitely makes her look adult.

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Whether the luxury look from Gucci (cardigan approx. 1100 euros) should also indicate another change in your life? In any case, she writes about the photo: “things are comingggg”. A hint of a new album? We are excited.

Your fans love it

The fans seem to like the new look in any case: after eight hours, the picture has already collected over 10 million likes and the comments are overwhelming with enthusiastic comments from their followers. But many also note that the look makes them look significantly older. “Nanny Eilish” is often mentioned in the comment line.

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