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Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman: haven’t seen you in a long time! She is her adopted daughter, Isabella

They were once considered the Hollywood dream couple: the actors Nicole Kidman (53) and Tom Cruise (58). They met in 1990 on the set of the joint film “Days of Thunder“Know and love. In the same year the two married and decided to adopt children. In 1992 they brought their daughter Bella (27) and in 1994 their son Connor (25) with them. The family happiness should not last, 2001 separated the couple and divorced Kidman and Cruise, as a famous actor, continues to be in public even after the marriage, both children decided to live far away from the cameras. To see one of the Cruise offspring is a real rarity.

But now, to everyone’s surprise, daughter Isabella has uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram! We show you the snapshot of the Cruise daughter in the video above.

What about Nicole Kidman’s relationship with her adopted children?

After Tom and Nicole divorced, he was given custody of the children. It is said again and again that today’s grown-up children hardly have any contact with Nicole. In an interview with “The Sun” a few years ago, Nicole said that she would always “love her oldest children unconditionally”.

After marrying Tom, Kidman married the Australian singer Keith Urban (52), with whom she has two other children – Sunday Rose (12) and Faith Magaret (9). Cruise was married to actress Katie Holmes, 41, but also divorced her in 2012. Together they have daughter Suri (14).

Only recently you saw the teen in New York, how she lend a hand. We show you the recordings in the video below.



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