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Shining: This Is What The Creepy Grady Twins Look Like Today



Lisa and Louise Burns as the “Grady sisters” in the classic horror film “Shining”.

London – “Come play with us, Danny!”

With this sentence, they gave millions of viewers an ice-cold shiver down the spine. The creepy sisters from the classic horror film “Shining” (1980) by director Stanley Kubrick.

“Shining” (1980): This is what the creepy sisters look like today

The identical-looking duo (therefore often referred to as the “Grady twins”, although eight and ten years old in the film) was played by Lisa and Louise Burns (now both 52).

In the film, they play the killed “Grady sisters” who appear as ghosts to Danny, the little son of ex-teacher Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson).

Sometimes he sees her standing in the hallway, sometimes lying on the floor covered in blood.


The twins Lisa and Louise Burns at a fan get-together in Toronto, Canada in 2014. They became famous as the creepy sisters in the movie “Shining”.

The appearance in “Shining” from 1980 was to remain the last of the then twelve-year-old Burns twins. Subsequently, the sisters pursued very different careers.

While Louise works as a microbiologist, her sister Lisa is now a lawyer.

“Shining” twins were played by Lisa and Louise Burns

However, her only role remains unforgettable for many fans. The twins’ autographs and photos are still in great demand at comic conventions.

By the way, you yourself weren’t particularly scared while shooting. “We saw people in creepy makeup, but it always felt like we were at a costume party. It just wasn’t that scary, “they said as adults in an interview.

With the lines “Come play with us, Danny. Forever and always and always ”they continue to delight their fans, by the way. Most recently on her birthday, August 8th, with a short video on Twitter. Quite a few should have felt a cold shiver down their backs … (sku)



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