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Ryan Gosling: Daily newspaper prints the wrong actor

Ludwig Lehner
Daily falls for fake Ryan Gosling

The wrong Ryan Gosling

It wasn’t the real Ryan Gosling who accepted the Golden Camera in March 2017.

© Christian Charisius / DPA

At the Golden Camera, a Ryan Gosling double fooled the organizers. The dizziness is having an effect: A newspaper recently illustrated its Gosling story with a photo of the doppelganger.

It was the funniest prank of the past television year: Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf succeeded in giving the Golden Camera a Ryan Gosling double. At the award ceremony in March 2017, the “Circus HalliGalli” team smuggled Ludwig Lehner, a Hollywood actor double, into the event.

Although Lehner doesn’t even look that much like the real Ryan Gosling – he is much more corpulent – but nobody noticed the dizziness until his appearance. Ludwig Lehner accepted the prize awarded by the Funke Mediengruppe in the “Best International Film” category – and made the prank evident in front of an astonished audience.

Ryan Gosling and his lookalike

As embarrassing as it was for the organizers of the Golden Camera, they shouldn’t be the only ones to fall for the deception. Since then, photos of Ludwig Lehner have appeared in the media every now and then when it is supposed to be about Ryan Gosling.

The latest example is an article published on Wednesday in the “Neue Ruhr Zeitung” (NRZ) about the Venice Film Festival. There Gosling’s new film “First Man” is shown in the competition. However, the message was illustrated with its double.

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf shared a photo of this message on Twitter. “Ryan Gosling’s new film: award-winning,” was his succinct comment.

The fact that a doppelganger could be smuggled into such an important event as the awarding of the Golden Camera had consequences at the time. The Funke Group announced a revision of its security concept. At the same time, the organizer was extremely humorless and demanded the price back – to hand it over to the real Ryan Gosling.

Joko and Klaas followed the request – and even added a trophy – the Golden Umberto, “the second most important media prize in the world”, as they wrote at the time.

They could afford this generosity. Because in 2018 there was a very special award for this campaign: the Grimme Prize. How deserved this award is can be seen in the current report: The dizziness continues to this day. Joko and Klaas do not follow suit anytime soon.

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