George Clooney wants to get Ben Affleck in front of the camera for a bestseller film adaptation

Los Angeles. After winning the Oscar for the political thriller “Argo” (2013), Hollywood star George Clooney (59) and Ben Affleck (48) are planning their next collaboration. Clooney as the director and Affleck as the actor had set their sights on the bestselling film “The Tender Bar” for Amazon Studios, reported the US industry journals “” and “Variety” on Wednesday.

The debut novel by New York writer JR Moehringer, published in Germany in 2007, revolves around Moehringer’s fatherless growing up on Long Island, with his uncle’s bar as an important place for friendships. The script comes from “Departed” author William Monahan.


“… then we are no longer talking about science fiction, but a documentary”

George Clooney talks about the corona pandemic and what that has to do with his new film. © RND / Dierk Sinderman

Clooney and company partner Grant Heslov, who jointly produced films such as “Argo”, “In August in Osage County” and “Monuments Men”, are also on board as producers for this project. Together with Affleck, they won the Oscar for “Argo” as producer of “Best Picture”.

Clooney is bringing out the end-of-time thriller “The Midnight Sky” on the streaming platform Netflix this month as the leading actor and director. Affleck was last seen in the sports drama “Out of Play – The Way Back”. He recently accepted a Batman role in the superhero film “The Flash”.

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