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Amber Heard + Johnny Depp. Secret details from divorce process revealed

Amber Heard + Johnny Depp
Secret court papers released from the divorce process

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been divorced for three years, but the war of the roses is still not calm around allegations of domestic violence

The war of the roses between Johnny Depp, 55, and Amber Heard, 32, after the breakup in May 2015 was one of the dirtiest that Hollywood had produced in a long time: Her husband had mistreated her several times, according to the accusation of the actress, which she made with photos of Wanted to prove injuries. The US entertainment portal “The Hollywood Reporter” is now publishing secret details from court files of the divorce process.

Amber Hard accuses Johnny Depp

“Johnny and I refer to his other personality – the part of him that is present when he hits me – we call it the monster and have referred to it as the monster for many years,” Heard says from a 471-page statement from 2016 , which is available from “The Hollywood Reporter”, cited.
She adds:

“I was paralyzed by the monster”.

Heard also claims that Depp threw a phone “as hard as he could” at her on the evening of May 21, 2016 and slapped her in the face. Then he grabbed her by the hair, which is why she called for help. She received this from a friend named Pennington, whose testimony is also included in the court documents now revealed. Depp yelled around, “swung” a magnum bottle of wine and pushed things off the counter, says Pennington about the evening that sealed the couple’s separation. She has “dozens of photos” of injuries that Heard’s father of two allegedly inflicted during their marriage.

Heard or Depp – who is telling the truth?

Johnny Depp kept quiet about his ex-wife’s allegations for a long time – until October 2018. He told the British edition of “GQ” magazine that he felt as if he had gone from “Cinderella” to “Quasimodo” in a short time . He felt that people looked at him differently. “What hurt me was that I was presented as something that you are really as far from as you could possibly be.”

In court, the “Escape from the Caribbean” star clearly denies the allegations: In a defamation trial against the British newspaper “The Sun” he testified in July 2018 that it was Heard who spoke to him on the evening of May 21 I behaved “aggressively and violently” in 2016. He had neither thrown a phone at her nor touched her in any other way. A statement that a policewoman supports.

The woman who was called to the Hollywood star’s house for the said argument also testified in the divorce process in July 2016. She found Heard crying, but noticed no spots, bruises, swelling or signs of other injuries on her face, nor any signs of broken glass or broken objects. Heard refused to testify at the time, so the policewoman would have no reason to believe that a crime had been committed.

Heard’s friend Pennington disagrees, claiming the officer and her colleague saw the broken items and offered to “arrest Depp immediately” if Heard wanted to file a lawsuit. Word against word – only those involved know who are telling the truth.

Divorce is through

The legal separation of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard became final in January 2017, eight months after the separation. The Hollywood star agreed to pay his ex-wife the equivalent of 6.6 million euros.

Amber Heard


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