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Vin Diesel flop buried an entire fantasy universe even though the Fast & Furious star gave it all

Vin Diesel’s career is based on three major film series, all of which have their roots in the early 2000s. While the actor returns irregularly as Riddick and Xander Cage, the role of Dom Toretto in the Fast & Furious films is his biggest to date Franchise Success. Six years ago he wanted to add another entry to this list.

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We’re talking about The Last Witch Hunter, a fantasy blockbuster in the tradition of well-known role-playing games. The film tells the story of that Witch hunter Kaulder. It is the last of its kind and has lived for many centuries. Now he is fighting supernatural creatures in contemporary New York. According to its own information, the character was inspired by Diesel’s own Dungeons & Dragons character.

  • The Last Witch Hunter is running tonight at 8:15 p.m. on RTL ZWEI.

The Last Witch Hunter: Vin Diesel’s Failed Passion Project

It’s not often that actors declare starting a new franchise their big passion project. Mostly it is smaller, more remote and more personal films that reveal themselves to be an affair of the heart of a filmmaker. But diesel was fire and flame for The Last Witch Hunter and gave everything. Nevertheless, the film turns out to be a disappointment.

The Last Witch Hunter – Trailer (German) HD


The Last Witch Hunter could not convince both financially and qualitatively. The $ 90 million production reaped mostly negative reviews. By the end of its theatrical run, the film had grossed just $ 147 million. In his home country, the United States, it was just $ 27 million, which is a disaster for a franchise starter who is supposed to show interest.

Before The Last Witch Hunter universe could even come into being, it was buried. Lionsgate, the studio behind the film, has had the since its poor theatrical release Mantle of silence laid over the planned continuation. The last sign of life was a year and a half ago. At that time, Diesel told the opposite Collider concise and cryptic that part 2 is in “active development” is located.

However, we shouldn’t be overly hopeful. The Last Witch Hunter 2 has officially been released to this day not getting the green light. The pop-cultural impact that Diesel’s Passion Project has left is limited. However, if Diesel continues to fight just as passionately, one day we may have another adventure with Kaulder after all.

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Would you have liked to see a The last Witch Hunter universe with Vin Diesel?

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