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Ryan Gosling: This woman lured him into her coffee shop

How this woman successfully lured superstar Ryan Gosling into her coffee shop

A dream of the owner of the “Grinder Coffee” comes true: Ryan Gosling visits her shop. She had already tried to lure a star into her store during the Toronto Film Festival last year – but to no avail. Now it finally worked.

Ryan Gosling is such an actor with no rough edges. He’s nice, everyone likes him. So it comes as no surprise that he grants a coffee shop owner’s wish in Toronto and visits her shop. But how did the good woman please manage to get his attention? And much more important: Can we do that too?

Last year Joelle Murray, owner of the “Grinder Coffee”, tried to lure a superstar into her café during the Toronto International Film Festival: the British actor Idris Elba. But he didn’t show up. Nevertheless, she tried her luck again this year, this time with someone else: Ryan Gosling. To do this, she started a real campaign on Twitter. This time it should finally work!

Can Ryan Gosling be baited with a hashtag?

“Good news: We’re back on Twitter because our #RyanNeedsGrinder begins on Monday. Come and have a coffee with us, Ryan Gosling, while you’re in town for the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival,” the coffee shop’s account wrote on September 1st with a link to the actor. There is also a photo of a cardboard display showing Ryan Gosling with an espresso cup on which the logo of the “Grinder Coffee” shop is mounted. But anyone can link stars – you can’t (yet) achieve anything with that. So the hashtag #RyanNeedsGrinder (German: “Ryan needs grinder” – that’s the name of the shop) had to establish itself.

And what is the best way to do that nowadays? With selfies, of course! The café had its visitors photographed with the cardboard stand and then posted the images on Twitter with the corresponding hashtag. Link to Ryan again and again. True to the motto: A lot helps a lot.

“Day four of #RyanNeedsGrinder. Real Ryan, meet our Grinder-Ryan. Think of all the fun you can have when you take selfies with a selfie,” wrote Grinder Coffee on September 6th on Twitter. Plus a selection of customer selfies. “Idris Elba didn’t get that treatment.”

Does a map from Google Maps help?

On September 11 post another map from Google Maps Saying, “Maybe you’re lost? Should we call you Uber? You can give us the money back when you’re here. We’re only 18 minutes away, so that’s no excuse.” And indeed. On the same day, owner Joelle can finally post a photo with the only real Ryan …

… and can’t stop raving: “What a great guy, a well-behaved Canadian boy. We really appreciate Ryan for taking the time to visit us during the film festival.” And she can’t resist one last swipe at last year’s chosen one: “Take that, Idris Elba. Your bad luck.”

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