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Reese Witherspoon only wanted to do something good – but that didn’t work

Corona crisis
Reese Witherspoon only wanted to do something good – but it didn’t work out

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon re-enact a scene from 20 years ago

See in the video: Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon revive the old friends scene.

What a reenactment. Reese Witherspoon played Jennifer Aniston’s youngest sister Jill in the cult series “Friends”. Almost 20 years later, the actresses prove: They still have it. Reese Witherspoon shares an excerpt from an interview for Apple TV + on Instagram. In it, the actresses mimick an old “Friends” scene. In the original, Rachel and Jill Green are sitting on the couch discussing why Witherspoon’s character should keep his fingers off Ross. Aniston aka Rachel Green married paleontologist Ross at the end of season five in Las Vegas. Witherspoon tagged the clip with the hashtag #TheGreenSisters. The former series sisters will start their web TV series “The Morning Show” on Apple TV + in November. The actresses could hardly ask for a better promotion: within 2 days, the Friends Reenactment was viewed almost 5 million times.


Reese Witherspoon had thought of a relief effort to do something good for teachers during the Corona crisis. But that went really bad.

Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle and clothing brand Draper James sells “classic American style” with southern charm. Close to the origins of Witherspoon, who grew up in Tennessee. In times of the Corona crisis, Witherspoon and her Draper James team wanted to make teachers in the USA happy. “During the quarantine we see how hard you work to teach our children anyway. To express our gratitude, we would like to give everyone a dress,” said the company on Instagram.

Reese Witherspoon wants to please teachers

Sounds a bit strange to give away clothes in times of isolation. After all, most people – including the teachers – are currently in the home office and are probably not wearing clothes but sweatpants. But surprisingly, the rush was huge. Almost a million teachers applied for a dress on the company’s homepage. There they had to provide information that confirmed that they actually work as teachers.

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The problem: Draper James planned to give away only 250 dresses. Only 30 people work in Witherspoon’s company. And while it was emphasized from the start that the clothes could be given away “only while stocks last”, Draper James quickly came to the end of capacity. Almost a million applications correspond to seven times the total number of dresses the company had sold in 2019, the New York Times recently calculated.

Witherspoon is helping differently now

Displeasure quickly spread among the teachers. Because instead of a dress they only got discount codes. “I can’t even afford a dress like this at a discount,” some commented, smelling a PR coup.

In the meantime, Draper James has made a donation for organizations that provide schools and teachers with important work equipment.

source: “New York Times”




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