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Natalie Portman: Stalker terrifies you

Natalie Portman
Stalker terrifies them

Natalie Portman

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Shock moment for Natalie Portman! Her stalker showed up outside her Los Angeles home. She had already obtained an injunction against the man in January

Natalie Portman, 37, is living through every woman’s nightmare. A stalker pursues them and is now even crossing the last barriers of legality. The man appeared in front of her house on January 31st and tried to gain entry to Portman’s property. A restraining order was issued against the intruder and a psychiatric examination was ordered. But the Hollywood actress (“Black Swan”) apparently cannot feel safe: according to “TMZ”, her stalker reappeared in front of her property on the afternoon of March 26th and terrified the mother of two.

Natalie Portman has the stalker arrested again

Portman is said to have alerted the police with presence of mind. After that, she immediately left the premises. As “TMZ” reports, Natalie Portman’s stalker identifies with the film character “John Wick” [Anm. d. Red.: dargestellt von Keanu Reeves], a contract killer. With this knowledge, the actress will certainly not sleep peacefully until the apparently mentally confused man remains in state care for a long time.

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Source used: TMZ




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