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Johnny Depp: His mother abandoned him as a teenager

Johnny Depp
As a teenager he was abandoned by his mother

Johnny Depp

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A previously unseen court document of Johnny Depp’s parents’ divorce in 1981 reveals appalling details about his childhood. With only 15 years of age, the actor was therefore on his own.

Johnny Depp, 58, makes no secret of his difficult childhood. What dimension his “family problems” assumed, however, is now clear from court documents that have come to the public. The papers on the divorce process of his parents Betty Sue Palmer, † 81, and John Depp, 83, had actually already been shelved – but when researching the new series “Johnny Depp v Amber Heard” came across “Hollywood detective” Paul Barresi, 72 , now on the explosive documents.

Johnny Depp: His mother let him down

At the time of his parents’ divorce in 1978, Johnny Depp was just 15 years old. From the court documents from back then this terrifying statement of his mother emerges: “The wife herewith confirms that the underage child John C. Depp II is mature, self-sufficient and completely independent.”

However, the actor tells his life story completely differently. In the past, he was open about his drug addiction in interviews: he had consumed all kinds of substances since he was 11 years old. The drugs were a way to escape his family problems, as the 58-year-old says himself. At the age of 16, he finally dropped out of school to become a musician and lived in his car for months.

Johnny Depp

Insider Paul Barresi is certain after viewing the court documents: Johnny Depp’s mother left him at a time when he urgently needed her. His life was too unstable and he was too young to pay for himself: “He had no financial security and was far from being able to support himself.”

“My mother was the meanest person I have ever met”

These words get under your skin. In 2018, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor revealed to Rolling Stone magazine how much he suffered from his “unhappy childhood”. Since his father was never there, his mother raised him and the three siblings alone. The four walls at home would have felt like a “haunted house”, in which there was repeated violence. On the one hand he “adored” his mother, on the other hand she was a “real beast”. This traumatic relationship with his mother was even reflected at her funeral in 2016: “My mother was perhaps the meanest person I have met in my entire life,” the Hollywood star is said to have said there.

After a legal dispute with his ex-wife he is “boycotted”

Since divorcing his ex-wife Amber Heard, 35, in 2017, her protracted legal battle has been the focus of the media. After his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence, Depp sued the newspaper “The Sun” because he was described as a “woman thug” – and lost the trial. The actor has since thought he was being “boycotted,” as he reported to The Sunday Times.

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