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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon: “It’s definitely going to be spicy”

At the start of the new “The Morning Show” season, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reveal what fans can expect.

Jennifer Aniston (52) and Reese Witherspoon (45) are back with their award-winning series “The Morning Show”. The US drama series about two news anchors on a US breakfast television format is entering its second season. The new episodes of the darkly filmed media satire will be shown again on the Apple TV + streaming service from September 17th.

The drama, which reveals the dynamics of power in the workplace between women and men as well as women and women, continues with ten episodes. After the start, the next episode will be shown every Friday. The trailer on Twitter already gives a little foretaste of the new season. The two leading actresses also gave their first insights at a global press conference.

What can viewers look forward to in season two?

“We’re introducing more characters,” Aniston said. In season two, the focus is on the “problems of the outcasts and the culture of resigning and dropping out”. Everyone carries their own guilt with them. “It will definitely be spicy,” promised the actress. “It’s a deeper exploration of all of these topics,” added Witherspoon. “The first season is a lot about Metoo. This season is about the time before the whole world collapsed because of Corona. We deal with systemic racism, homophobia, age discrimination and our new found power and our relationship to power as women in a news media organization, “the Hollywood star continued.

What is the challenge of a current story?

Telling such a timely story “is a big challenge because you want to get it right,” said Witherspoon. “In fact, it’s all happening in real time. It’s exciting, and at the same time it’s fun to create a series that happens in real time as we watch the world learn the new normal,” added Aniston. “We’re portraying it as honestly as we can because it’s what we’re experiencing. It’s a huge responsibility, but that makes it exciting too,” she added.

Filming during Corona

Like so many, this filming also took place during the corona pandemic. “It knocked me out. It was tough. It was a big challenge,” Aniston recalled. “The series was rewritten to deal with Covid.” The day-to-day shooting went like this: “We had endless Zoom meetings with our incredible epidemiological team and every department because the most important thing for everyone was the safety of everyone, the entire crew and their families when they went home,” continued Aniston . “We had a very strict protocol.” That was difficult for her, “because I want to see the faces of my employees. I love these people”.

After a period of getting used to it, “it has become normal, which will hopefully not be normal for much longer,” said the actress. “We made it through and I think we did a really good series.”

That’s what the second season is about

The second season follows on from the explosive events of the first season. The Morning Show team rises from the rubble left by Alex (Aniston) and Bradley (Witherspoon). Like the rest of the world, the UBA station is changing. A world where identity is everything and the gap between what we present ourselves as and who we really are is crucial.

In addition to Aniston and Witherspoon, Steve Carell (59), Billy Crudup (53), Mark Duplass (44), Nestor Carbonell (53), Karen Pittman (35), Bel Powley (29), Janina Gavankar (40), Tom Irwin (65) and Marcia Gay Harden (62) are back again.

The cast of the second season includes Greta Lee (38). She plays Stella Bak, a tech prodigy who has joined the UBA leadership team. Ruairi O’Connor (30) will be seen as the smart and charismatic YouTube star Ty Fitzgerald and stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj (35) will be the new member of the “Morning Show” team, Eric Nomani. Emmy award winner Holland Taylor (78, “Two and a Half Men”) plays the clever chairwoman of the UBA board, Cybil Richards; Emmy and SAG Award winner Julianna Margulies (55, “Good Wife”) UBA news anchor Laura Peterson. Tara Karsian (56) will be seen as the news producer Gayle Berman, Valeria Golino (55) as the documentary filmmaker Paola Lambruschini.


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