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Billie Eilish: The singer wore a wig for weeks

Billie Eilish
The singer wore a wig for weeks

Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish’s type change took weeks. How did she keep her blonde hair secret? The singer picked up the wig.

Billie Eilish, 19, has truly surprised her fans with a new hair color. In mid-March, she proudly presented on social media that she had said goodbye to her black and green styling and was now a blonde. The type change was not really new for the singer, as she now revealed on Instagram. The makeover has therefore been underway since January. Eilish had skilfully hidden the change under a wig.

Billie Eilish: With a wig at the Grammy Awards

In a question and answer session with her fans, the singer revealed that the “first round” of bleaching and dyeing took place on January 16. In addition, she published a photo of herself in her story, on which her approach is visibly blonde, but the lengths and tips are still light brown. Eilish revealed that the process took a total of six weeks.

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In order to make the surprise effect as big as possible, however, she did not let any of it leak through. At the presentation of the Grammy Awards, two days before the unveiling of the new hair color, the 19-year-old said she wore a wig. Today, she said, her hair is as healthy as it has been in a long time.

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