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Norm Macdonald († 61) died: “We have lost a comedy giant” – people

He was always a “Comedian’s Comedian” – a comedian who was particularly valued by colleagues.

Norm Macdonald died of cancer on Tuesday at the age of 61. The Canadian comedian had kept the disease secret for nine years, as announced by his management in Los Angeles (California). He never wanted his fans to laugh at his jokes out of pity.

Macdonald made his breakthrough when he signed on for the legendary sketch show “Saturday Night Live” in 1993. There he was fired in 1998 for making too many jokes about OJ Simpson, 74, who was then on trial for murder.

After the “SNL” break, he won the hearts of his colleagues as a stand-up comedian with his detailed and dramaturgically sophisticated jokes.

One of Norm Macdonald’s most famous jokes is about a moth that flies into a podiatrist’s office and tells the man about its problems. Every morning the moth wakes up to do a meaningless job, the love for the wife has long since died and the daughter froze to death last winter. When the podiatrist asks the moth why she flew to her practice and not to a psychiatrist, the moth replied: “Because the light was on.”

Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman say goodbye

It was these jokes that American entertainment elite loved Norm Macdonald. His colleague Seth Rogen, 39, wrote: “I was a big fan of Norm Macdonald and basically stole his way of telling jokes when I first started acting. I stayed up at night to see him on talk shows. He was the funnest guest ever. We lost a comedy giant. “

“Norm had the most unique humorous voice I have ever met. (…) I’ll never laugh so hard again, “said goodbye Conan O’Brien (58), on whose late-night show Macdonald often appeared.

“It was one of our most valuable gemstones. An honest and courageous comedy genius. I love him, “wrote Jim Carrey (59) on Twitter.

Adam Sandler (55) and Sarah Silverman (50) also bowed to Norm Macdonald. “A legend,” wrote Sandler. “Do yourself a favor and check out his stuff,” recommended the comedian.

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 49, spoke up: “The world was a much funnier place because Norm Macdonald was in it. We lost a genius and a great Canadian. “

Born in Québec, Macdonald began his career as a stand-up comedian in Canada before he was hired as a writer for comedy productions such as the sitcom “Roseanne” in the USA. He later had guest appearances in “Family Guy”, “Girlboss” and “The Orville”, among others.



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