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Turner & Hooch episodes, storyline, cast, and trailer

“Scott & Huutsch” can be seen at Disney +. Which actors are in the cast? How’s the story going? Find out here. We will also clarify the question of the trailer for you.

With the streaming provider Disney + the action series “Scott & Huutsch” (in the English original “Turner & Hooch”) can be seen. We will inform you here about the exact date, the plot and the actors in the cast. Is there a trailer yet? You can also find out here.

Turner & Hooch is a series adaptation of the American buddy-cop comedy “Turner & Hooch”. In 1989 it became known in Germany under the title “Scott & Huutsch”. Back then, Tom Hanks played the policeman in a human-dog team with the ever-drooling sidekick, which this time also goes by the original English name “Hooch” in this country. In the new series, Scott does not go on the hunt for criminals under his first name, but under the correct surname of the ambitious US marshal Scott Turner. Josh Peck plays the role of the cop this time as the son of Detective Scott Turner from the original film. Peck is known to many viewers for his role as Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon series “Drake & Josh”. He has also appeared in “Die Trauzeugen AG” and “Mean Creek” and speaks in the “Ice Age” films Eddy, the Opossum.

“Scott & Huutsch”: When is the start of “Turner & Hooch” at Disney + in Germany?

The series started on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

You currently pay 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year for a subscription – there was a price increase in February 2021.

However, performance has also improved: by including Disney star According to Disney, the offer has practically doubled. Disney Star is aimed primarily at an adult audience and should contain content from in-house production companies ABC, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight, Freeform and FX studios give to the best.

“Scott & Huutsch” can be seen as a series on Disney Plus from mid-2021.

Photo: Disney Plus

Synopsis: What is “Scott & Huutsch” about?

The plot revolves around the ambitious cop Scott Turner, who has to look after a drooling dog – not exactly to his delight. But Turner soon has to acknowledge that he and his four-legged friend make an ideal investigative duo.

“Scott & Huutsch” at Disney +: The Consequences

There are eight episodes in the new series “Scott & Huutsch”. Here is an overview with the English and German episode titles for you:

  • Episode 1: Forever and a Dog
  • Episode 2: A good day to dog hard (German title: A good day for a hard dog)
  • Episode 3: Diamonds are Furever (German title: Wau, Diamonds!)
  • Episode 4: In the Line of Fur (German title: In der Wuff-Linie)
  • Episode 5: Road to Smell Dorado (German title: Huutsch, the skunk)
  • Episode 6: The Fur-gitive (German title: Fahrenüffler)
  • Episode 7: To Serve and Pawtect (German title: Dein Freund und Jauler)
  • Episode 8: Arf Appreciation (German title: Art with Bite)

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Cast: Which actors are in the cast of “Scott & Huutsch”?

  • Josh Peck (“Ice Age 2-. Now it’s thawing “) as Scott Turner
  • Lyndsy Fonseca (“Kick-Ass”) as Laura Turner
  • Carra Patterson (“Straight Outta Compton”) as Jessica Baxter
  • Anthony Riuvivar (“The Plan”) as James Clark
  • Brandon Jay McLaren (“Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”) as Xavier Watkins
  • Jeremy Maguire (“I’m Not Here”) as Matthew Garland
  • Becca Tobin (“NCIS: LA “) as Brooke
  • Paul Campbell as Grady Garland
  • Reginald VelJohnson as David Sutton
  • Matt Hamilton as Trent Havelock
  • Serje Basi as Barrios
  • Caitlin Howden as Jenna
  • Gavin Langelo as Marcus Johnson
  • Cristina Rosato as Olivia
  • Doron Bell as Darius
  • Darcy Hinds as Mario
  • Mark Brandon as Mr. Mailer
  • Michelle Brezinski as Mrs. Mailer
  • Eddie Canelea as Bogdan

The script was written by Matt Nix (“The Gifted”).

“Scott & Huutsch”: Trailer for the series on Disney +

You can find the official trailer for the series here:

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