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Tom Cruise as deepfake: False Hollywood star conquers TikTok

Tom Cruise is currently causing a stir and laughs on the social media platform TikTok! However, this is not a real Hollywood star, but a so-called deepfake.

It might look like Tom Cruise, but it isn’t: deeptomcruise uses software for deepfake.
Image: TikTok / @deeptomcruise

Tom Cruise takes care of the popular social media platform TikTok for a stir. However, the one swinging the golf club and telling stories is not the real “Mission Impossible” star. You can see a so-called deepfake and it looks almost frighteningly real!

Deepfake Tom Cruise has already collected millions of views on TikTok

The TikTok platform is now very popular with many stars who delight their fans with short clips there. Should Tom Cruise really be one of them now? The answer is no, it is a fake, but looking two or three times is no longer enough! So far, three videos can be seen on the deeptomcruise account. In the first, Tom Cruise swings the club on the golf course, in the second he stumbles into a clothes store and tells an anecdote. In the third video he does a magic trick with a coin. It all looks convincing, if not terribly real, but it is not really the 58-year-old who gives insights into his life, but a really well-made imitation. Within a few days, the videos were viewed millions of times by user deeptomcruise, and the account has already won over 360,000 followers.


I love magic!

♬ original sound – Tom

He really looks like Tom Cruise! Deepfakes just keep getting better

When the Hollywood star seems to be grinning into the camera, it is actually an actor who can imitate the facial expressions and gestures of the real Tom Cruise. Software with facial recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence ensures that facial features also fit, and deepfakes are getting better and better at this. As “Daily Beast” reports, the signs of the fake can still be exposed: The fake Tom Cruise in the TikTok videos looks younger and taller than the original, and his voice doesn’t quite fit. “The Verge” also points out small errors that can be discovered when the golf video is played slowly. Among other things, you can see how the sunglasses briefly disappear when you put them on.



♬ original sound – Tom

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