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The old Morpheus could still appear next to Keanu Reeves’ Neo ·

In an interview, director Lana Wachowski spoke about “Matrix Resurrections” and revealed how Keanu Reeves reacted to the finished film.

Yes, actors and crew members are sometimes busy with a film for years. They read all script versions, deal extensively with character development and preparation for filming, which can take months. But even for them it is a very special and magical moment when they can experience the finished film in its entirety for the very first time. Then, once the puzzle has been put together, you can only tell whether a work is working.

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The tension is particularly great, but so are the expectations when it comes to the sequel to a film that has made history – as with “Matrix Resurrections”. Leading actor Keanu Reeves had already let it be known in interviews that he liked the script by director Lana Wachowski extremely well:

“It was special and I think the story has some meaningful messages that we could learn from.”

Wachowski was now able to report to Cinemablend that, even after viewing the finished film, Reeves had nothing but praise – in his very own way:

“We showed Keanu the movie and he was blown away by it. And he said something very typical of Keanu that was incredibly insightful. So he just sits there and you don’t necessarily expect an unbelievable revelation from his mouth at that moment and it casually gushes out of Keanu. So he just sat there and said, ’20 years ago you told a story in which you described the next 20 years and the problems of the digital, the virtual life and how they affect us and how we will think about them. And you gave us a framework to think about and talk about. Now you’ve taken the same character, the same stories and the same stuff and you’ve kind of made something of it over the next 20 years. ‘ And then he asked, ‘How did you do that?’ “

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“Matrix Resurrections”: What can be deduced from Keanu Reeves’ statements

The statement by Reeves, especially with the same story, in connection with the official synopsis, fires the assumption that Lana Wachowski could have applied the principle of the reboot in the actual sense to her “Matrix” trilogy. After all, a reboot is the restart of a system because it has hung up or because an update has to be activated.

The possible ignoring of “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions” could therefore mean that the Matrix forced a restart of the system or the cycle – directly during the events in “Matrix” in order to prevent further consequences. Perhaps because of this Thomas Anderson alias Neo (Keanu Reeves) never got the red pill. Maybe he and Morpheus (Laurence Fisburne) and his crew were intercepted at this crucial moment. Probably the most memorable possibility would be that Neo simply opted for the blue pill.

And that leads to another important thing: The absence of Laurence Fishburnes Morpheus could be justified so far with the fact that his character in “The Matrix Online” by killed an assassin became. Morpheus demanded the surrender of Neo’s body, which the machines refused. Thereupon he broke the armistice and carried out attacks within the matrix with so-called code bombs. When ignited, they revealed the true nature of the simulated world to those still trapped in the matrix. The result was chaos, confusion and mass awakening. Eventually the Matrix put a killer on him. Since the assassination took place in the course of the events in “Matrix Revolutions”, the question now arises to what extent this is all canon.

But it would again be a possible explanation for why Morpheus now has the appearance of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II within the matrix. Because after the armistice there was the possibility of an emergency exit from the simulated world – death within the matrix no longer led to death in reality. While it was said that the assassin’s bullets contained a “kill code” that circumvented this emergency exit, there were also indications that Morpheus still existed in the real world. So is Abdul-Mateen II his avatar, his simulacrum within the matrix? So could Fishburne have a quick cameo at the end?

Incidentally, the title would indeed program: If none of the so-called redpills (people who have thrown a red pill) have to fear the consequences in reality if they die within the matrix, they can literally “rise again”.

Fans will probably not find the truth somewhere out there, but from December 23, 2021 in local cinemas when “Matrix Resurrections” starts.

The “Matrix” series is also heavily influenced by Japanese anime. How well do you know your way around these fascinating animated films?

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